Monday, April 20, 2009

You Can't Take Photos in Old Navy

Last Wednesday Justin & I were having dinner with a friend and I was killing time between work and our dinner reservation. So I decided to go window shopping at Old Navy. Now I love the Old Navy Town Gowns and when I first saw the ads this year I thought - those are what I want for my bridesmaids! But I checked online and they didn't come in green. So I let that idea go...

But as I was browsing through Old Navy - there it was! It's not exactly like the Town Gowns, it has a tiered skirt and the bodice is a little different, but it's very close. So I decided to take a couple of pictures to show my prospective maids - just as inspiration. I took one pic with the flash, didn't like how it washed out the color and then took a couple without flash. As I was snapping my final pic, one of the store employees came by and mumbled "You can't take pictures."

Really??? I didn't argue b/c I make a point not to argue with people who are just doing their jobs (and probably being paid minimum wage), but really Old Navy!?!?! No pictures? I can see in high end bridal salons where designers are afraid of their designs being ripped off and made for cheap. But we're talking about a dress that retails for $29.50 and has been on sale this season for $15!


PS don't have the cord to hook the camera to the computer right now, so no pics posted. But I will put them up later! I'm sticking it to the man! And YOU are that man Old Navy. YOU.

PPS Here's the picture. Ha!

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