Thursday, November 12, 2009

This dress sews up fast

Which is really good, because I don't really like it.

Justin had a long day at work on Sunday - shifts at both jobs - and I was recovering from a cold and didn't want to go out, so it was a perfect day for sewing. And in the end - I finished the dress mock up.You can see that the Halloween decorations are still up.

Okay, actually I didn't set in the zipper b/c I really didn't think I liked the dress. In a word, it is too big. Well, two words. Not too big for me - it fits just fine. But there is too much fabric in general. The skirt, as I expected is much too full to go under the lace. It doesn't exactly look bad, but doesn't have the sleek, flowy look that I had envisioned. More of a sausage kind of look. I didn't think I was going to like the ruching over the bust either, but that wasn't too bad once I put the dress on.

Anyway, I thought of many things and alterations... I think first thing will be to try the same top with a slimmer, A-line skirt. I promised Mom that I would change nothing until she came up for Thanksgiving and could see it and give me another opinion. Then I think we'll try to make another skirt out of the large pieces of the first skirt.

Oh and the train's not nearly long enough.


  1. This is probably obvious, but I'm betting that the train will expand a lot once you've dyed and blocked it. Unless you're not blocking it, to give it a more frothy look. If that's the case, nevermind. :)

  2. Apparently dyeing actually can cause shrinkage, but blocking will most likely counteract that. I'm also figuring a good bridesmaid will be needed to keep it in order. But you raise a good point - might not be worth making the new train piece before the knitting is dyed/blocked and I know the true size.