Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sleeve and train photos

Mom was up for Thanksgiving and took some pics of the ensemble.

We determined that the single sleeves I'd made were too narrow and so did this mockup with both of them together:

And took a couple separate views of the train - one with it spread all the way out and one with it crumpled down to fit the fabric.
You can see that although I've taken out most of my lifelines, I haven't given up on all of them just yet!

I'm going to try and dye some samples tonight or tomorrow. I was so tempted to just throw the whole thing in the dye (the dyeing process is really complicated! It has a lot of steps! I don't want to do it more than once!), but when I told Justin I'd gotten the dye in the mail he said to me "You are going to do a practice run first, right?" In that voice he uses when he knows my intention is to do the exact opposite. Busted!