Thursday, May 27, 2010

Well - we be wed

Some day I will write an epic blog entry regarding the final details. Hell, my trip down the aisle warrants a photo essay all its own

But for those who weren't there, or just didn't look at me all day, here's me in the dress before the wedding (with the ever vigilant Jenny Gill lurking behind me).

And here I am with my buddy. This was actually taken by Jenny, who was following around after the professional photographer, wrangling my train and snapping a few pics over his shoulder.

Married life is good.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Other projects - wedding related & not

I finished the shrug I was making for Mom - all part of our "If we prepare for cold weather it will be warm" strategy for weather management. I quite like it! I used Vanna's Glamour (yes, like Vanna White. She's a big crocheter. Who knew?), which is a yarn that should look cheap and tacky, but doesn't. It has a metallic strip going through it which gives it a little bit of shine, but the fabric is still soft and has a nice drape. Mom picked out the pattern - Stefanie Japel's Textured Circle Shrug

and I modified it to remove the textured stripes and made the sleeves a bit longer so they hit mid forearm instead of right at the elbow.

Should the weather be chilly, Mom will look fabulous.

I also continued work on a baby blanket I'm crocheting for a coworker. Such was my state of mind that instead of making a granny square, I somehow managed to make a granny triangle. What is really impressive about this is that I did NOT NOTICE that it was a triangle until I'd finished edging the entire thing and then went "Hey, something's wrong here!" Sheesh. Wedding brain.

Have made one strap for the dress and am part way through the second. They aren't blocked, so no picks yet.

And I started on a crocheted halter top for the honeymoon. I may or may not finish it in time, but I have to do something to keep my hands busy. My usual nervous energy is multiplied by 10x.