Sunday, March 22, 2009


All right - this the inspiration post which I wrote last week, but which needed some serious scanner time to be made whole. Anyway, I didn't really edit it other than to add the photos, so here it is, just a little late.

So enough with the swatches. Here are my inspirations for the dress.

First - this lovely sketch that I made of my dress only a couple days after the engagement. I think we can all agree that my talents run more towards the fiber and less towards the graphic arts.

So second is this sketch that I made using the StyleShake website. Not exactly what I want, but they are capable of indicating a small train sweeping below the feet. See how the right side of the dress is wider than the left? That's my attempt to convey a train and/or extra fullness in the back.

Third - my Dayflower Lace Cami - which remains a huge inspiration. This is the color I want. Do you hear me world? (shakes her fist at the skies) Give me this color!
Pictured with my are my awesome, although non-crafty Aunt C, my grandmother, former mistress of pretty much all fiber related arts (blame arthritis for the "former" in her title) and my cousin Cary, knitter extraordinaire.

Although in terms of color, if we end up with a March wedding date, I might consider more of a forest green. I've also considered making myself some matching fingerless lace gloves. I've even considered hooking them to the sleeves a la Camden from last fall's Knitty. (Okay, let the bitching about the badness of that idea begin. You cannot stop me though! I am Bridezilla and your resistance only makes me stronger!)

Finally, the awesome designs of Kitty Chen. I saw this dress and was immediately won over. It came at a time when I had started to doubt my vision a little bit. When I was starting to think not that making the dress was a bad idea, but that maybe my design concept was a little blah, a little to little girly and a little too precious. Then I saw this dress and knew that the concept could be awesome.

Oh and did I mention that I'll have a green veil? Just made of netting thank you - I think the dress will be more than enough knitting for this girl.


  1. Actually the Camden thing...I'm kinda into it. But that would make the dress way more alterna-bride than it is looking to be. Like rocker bride. Which could be good. OR not.

  2. Wow. You are the last person in the world who I thought would be in favor of the Camden thing. It could still have a wacky Regency feel though...

  3. I am exploring my inner rocker/goth girl these days. At least on my ipod. I've been really thinking about that Camden today. I do like bobbles--and I have that purple yarn we bought from Knitpicks last year...

  4. Oh Muh Gah, those Kitty Chen dresses are unbelievable.

  5. Love the dress, hate the Camden things. You must be very brave and talented. Good luck

  6. Dress idea - awesome. That dress you linked to - FABULOUS.