Monday, March 30, 2009

Kay's Lace Swatch

So, um - hi Mason Dixon Knitters!

I had this whole plan and in fact have a blog entry waiting about all my inspirations, hopes & dreams... but time kind of got away from me and I didn't scan the things I meant to scan and then this morning Jenny emailed me to let me know that Kay had blogged about me!

So here's just a little bit of Kay's lovely yarn knitted into a swatch. Actually, it's the swatch in the act of being blocked (the post blocking pic didn't turn out so good).

This was on size 3 needles. Too tiny I think... had an original vision of kind of chunky lace, but as the wedding date moves further back into spring and I think about it more, I think lighter & airier is the way to go. So tonight I'll try on something larger...

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  1. Hi Amy - I posted over at Mason Dixon, but wanted to let you know, I knit my dress too and if you need moral support (lol) let me know! Good luck! I do recommend lighter and airier - my dress weighs a ton : )