Thursday, May 7, 2009

Blocking Difficulties

So the first blocking of the Short Row Swatch was no good. I pulled the top totally straight and distorted the bottom so the stitches were all stretched and it didn't have the nice scalloped edge that this lace pattern makes.

I looked at it. I left it on the towel all pinned up for several days, looking at its wrongness and willing it to fix itself. Finally I gave up and re-wet it and re-blocked it. This finished product is much prettier, but it's left me with some lingering doubts regarding the blocking of the finished project. This is going to be baaaaad to block.

I was already thinking it was going to be bad and being relieved that I have a guest bed that I can block it on and not need to rush or worry about the cats sleeping on it or clawing it up while it's drying. And I am still glad about those things (and lucky too - we've signed the 2 year lease renewal, so no worries on that front till 2011 - not til after our first anniversary in fact. Wow. That was weird to think about.) But anyway, I think I'm going to need to do some serious blocking related research and maybe invest in some blocking wires. Anyone have thoughts on blocking wires?

But overall, I've swatched all I can think to swatch. The needles are here. The yarn is here. I think it's time to start.

Tomorrow is our 8 year dating anniversary. It'd be very poignant and lovely to cast on then, but I have to go to work, go to a theater meeting, see a show and probably go for drinks afterward. Yes, I do HAVE to go for drinks afterward. It's part of the supportive seeing a friend in a show experience. Anyway, tomorrow is not an ideal day to cast on. Waiting til next Friday, which is exactly one year til the wedding, would also be poignant, but I doubt I can be that patient. Also I'll be sitting on a train bound for Maryland that night.

So I think I'll cast on tonight.

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  1. Yes you do have to have drinks afterwards! Tonight is the night!!! I'm so excited!!!