Thursday, January 21, 2010


So I had the emerald green from ProChem that was the front runner for dye colors. I decided to do another test of it, with a slightly higher concentration of dye, b/c my results before were a little patchy and I just wanted another test.

Many hours (and my last swatch) later I had this:It's a horrible picture, but I had no energey to take a better one. See the swatch in the middle and the hank of yarn tied with red? You know, the ones that are BLUE.



Where in god's green earth did that come from?

For contrast, the blue (BLUE!?!?!?) swatch is laying on top of the original ProChem emerald green swatch. I also threw in the ProChem Spring Green swatch, which was original dismissed for being too turquoise. It's quite green by comparison.

After saying "Blue?" about 200 times and asking Justin what color he thought the swatch was (Blue. No surprise there. Boy's not color blind.), I finally gave up on dyeing for the night and made my self a large alcoholic beverage. This happened on Monday. It's now Thursday. I've only now had the strength to write about it.

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