Friday, January 22, 2010

New top

So after the blue dyeing debacle of Monday 1/18, I felt the need to take a break from dyeing and instead did some work on the new top of the dress.

I had received the new bra I ordered from Victoria's Secret to be sewn in, but despite the fact that I've been a 34A since 1994 and every bra I've ever had from Victoria's Secret has been a 34A, this bra did not fit. It was in fact, too small, which if you're familiar with my bust size, is almost amusing.

I'm thinking I'm going to ditch this built in bra idea. I only had a half formed concept of how it would work and it's just turning into a pain in the butt, when I'd originally conceived it as something that would be nice and simple. Although Mom did tell me that there's a store near her shop called Bra La La and suggested we go there to look. I might do that just based on the name.

I had to recut a new front piece with a wider, slightly lower scoop neck and I feel good enough about it that I'm going to cut it in the green silk essence and see how it goes. Just going to do spaghetti straps of the same fabric, not try to find rattail cord as is the plan with the real dress.

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