Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fabric Shopping - Done!

Went out yesterday at lunch and GOT IT DONE. Phew! Major load off my mind.

Got a good deal with a smaller fabric store in the garment district - they knocked off a dollar a yard when I said I needed 5 yards and then threw in the half yard at the end of the bolt, presumably b/c I am so darn cute. It took a little while to find just what I wanted - I had a swatch from the store from last fall, but at first they were giving me a lighter, more yellow ivory fabric. Eventually, after drafting in one of his coworkers to assist, the fabric store employee and I were able to find something that was just right.

Laid it out and cut out everything but the train last night. Have about 2-2.5 yards leftover, which is what I was hoping for. Enough for the train and to recut some bodice pieces if need be. I went ahead and cut the skirt pieces off of the New Look pattern I used for the second trial dress - the skirt was still fuller at the waist than I wanted, but it's always easier to take something in rather than let it out.

Unfortunately I have no soundtrack for the cutting - if I did it would feature frequent scratchings and mewings by Nyssa. I finally had the brilliant idea to lay out the dress in the bedroom where I could shut the doors and keep out the cats, as opposed to in the living room, where it's a kitty free for all. Needless to say, Nyssa was not pleased to be excluded.

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