Monday, March 8, 2010

Preliminary Fabric Shopping

Well the final test run of the dress didn't go so well - I didn't like how the pattern piece I'd drafted for the top turned out and I still find the skirt to be too full.

But Mom and I did do some fabric scouting at Mood Fabrics on Friday and I think I've settled on the right material at least! It's a lovely ivory silk, fairly lightweight with a nice sheen. We found it at Mood Fabrics and I also have a similar swatch from a smaller fabric store I visited last fall. So sometime this week I'll be purchasing that.

As for the still undetermined shape of the bodice, skirt and train, I'm just going to wing it. Generally I do best that way. Although looking at the list of dress parts which I'll need to wing it on, I realize that it's basically the whole dress.

Oh well - onwards and upwards!

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