Thursday, May 27, 2010

Well - we be wed

Some day I will write an epic blog entry regarding the final details. Hell, my trip down the aisle warrants a photo essay all its own

But for those who weren't there, or just didn't look at me all day, here's me in the dress before the wedding (with the ever vigilant Jenny Gill lurking behind me).

And here I am with my buddy. This was actually taken by Jenny, who was following around after the professional photographer, wrangling my train and snapping a few pics over his shoulder.

Married life is good.


  1. you looked insanely fabulous and your dress was insanely stunning. i should be jealous, cause i can't even sew on buttons. but, really, i'm crazy proud! yay marriage!

  2. Congratulations Aim :-) I wish you and Justin
    every happiness. The Dress is beautiful.

    Love Jen

  3. I was googling 'knit your own wedding dress' and came across your site (first result!!). I'm only an advanced beginner knitting wise, but thought it might be a bit cool to do. Seriously, I applaud you and your absolutely AMAZEBALLS dress, it and you look beautiful. Congratulations!!