Thursday, July 1, 2010

The walk down the aisle

Well it's been a long time, but here, finally is the long awaited post concerning my walk down the aisle.

The course of true love never ran smooth and neither did my trip down the aisle - which was actually the ramp down to the pier where Justin & I were married. The wood ramp down the pier. The outdoor wooden ramp, by a large body of water. So, to be perfectly clear, the surface was very uneven. Basically designed to catch on knitted lace. Due to various issues during train construction and bustling concerns and the whole "cutting off of the bottom 12" of the dress" the knitted train was longer than the fabric train. This actually looked kind of pretty, but meant that the fabric train wasn't giving the knitted train the protection that I'd thought it would.

Just before I set off down the aisle, there is an indication that we might have a tiny little problem:


Undeterred, I started my walk down the aisle:

See how pretty and spread out the train is? I think was actually snagged again, but it looks good.

Here I am, getting my first sight of Justin.


And trying not to cry.

Thos first three pics were taken by our professional photographer.

All the rest of these were taken by our friend Jay. I'm not sure if our photographer is just a little less free with his shutter finger or if he thought I might not want my herky-jerky progress captured for posterity. But Jay, with the instincts of a true friend, knew that we'd want every minute. Theresa, his wife, also with true friend instincts, immediately posted all of these pictures on Facebook.

So here it goes:

Initially I’m amused. I’m also nervous as hell so everything is hilarious.

This is about the third snag, so I’m done with it. My Lady Minions are poised to spring into action, but I can’t see walking down with a train carrier.

I reach back...

And take matters into my own hands.

This photo shows me talking to myself.

I don't remember exactly, but it was something to the effect that all those people who said I shouldn't try this whole "knit your own dress" thing would probably be pretty amused right now.

Fortunately I was also amused and so were all my guests and my future husband.

And I made it down the aisle unscathed.

Of course at the end of the ceremony this happened:


Leading to these reactions from the family


And from the Minions

(Theresa isn't even in this photo, having lept down onto the grass to run over and unstick me. Justin & I had no idea. We were all just wed and happy.)

There was this reaction from me:

Amy Wedding_107

And this from Justin:


So you can see that it all worked out just fine.


  1. Yay! Yay for Jason for getting those pics! That's the kind of thing you remember forever and laugh about together. I still get teary-eyed just thinking of that beautiful day!

  2. You look amazing! I haven't followed your blog through the whole process (but have been linked to it a few times from various wedding planning and/or knitting friends). I'm wondering if you have a plan for the lace now? Will you preserve it? Repurpose it? Frame it? It's just such a monumental project and labor of love to be packed away in a box...

  3. Amazing collection of wedding photography you catch all the moments.....Brid & Groom looks beautiful.