Monday, April 5, 2010

If it's not one thing, it's another...

Massive amounts of cleaning & organizing around the house this weekend, and some sewing. I finished sewing the seams on the lining, cut down the actual skirt pieces to the width I wanted at the top where they will be attached to the bodice and sewed part of one skirt seam. Then, as I was pressing the lining, the iron started to spit water all over my fabric. I thought this was because the water was running low in the steam chamber, so I refilled it, let it heat up and tried again. More spitting. Really, spitting is kind of an understatement, as it implies that a little water came out. This was enough water to make 4" x 10" splotches on the lining. As in, something I really would NOT want to have happen on the actual SILK dress fabric.

I can only thank the sewing gods for smiling on me. That and go buy a new iron.

Oh, and under the heading of "I can't possibly be making enough projects for this wedding" I'm making a shrug for Mom (cross reference this under, "We are making warm wraps so it will be 95 degrees on the day of the wedding"). I'm using this pattern, only not doing the knit/purl strips (mainly visible on the sleeves in the pattern pic). I'm making the sleeves slightly longer than the pattern calls for and ending each of them with 10 rows of seed stitch to prevent rolling. So far I have the back, all of one sleeve and most of the other. Of course, I still have to pick up all the stitches for and knit the border which forms the collar, rest of the back and the sides. But so far, so good.

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