Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Slicing the skirt

A photo essay.

The damaged Size 13 border:

The non-damaged Size 10 main body:

The Lifeline between them:

The first cut:

After that I rapidly got impatient with unraveling and switched to my big scissors:

This turned out to be a mistake in terms of time spent. I got the bottom hacked off quickly and had no chance to lose my nerve. But it took FOREVER to unravel backwards up to the lifeline. It also took awhile to unravel and reclaim the yarn of the original border and I lost a lot of yarn in short pieces, etc. Since I hate to waste, this was upsetting to me. Plus it probably took 4-6 hours to do all that.

So in terms of "crappiest moments working on the dress" this was a close second to the whole dyeing "oh my god it's blue" day.

Fortunately it looks good now.

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