Thursday, April 8, 2010

Much Accomplished!

Looking back at blog titles, I seem to have two modes - super productive or nothing is getting done. Oh well, I guess I've always known that I wasn't a moderate person!

Monday - bought a new iron, sewed up the skirt seams. Discovered that although the new iron's directions specifically say not to use steam on silk, the wrinkles only disappear if I do. Basted the skirt onto the bodice and realized that I really needed to purchase a bra to wear with this thing.

Tuesday - bought not one, but two bras. Took them home and one is perfect. Bodice was making kind of a weird dent above where the bra ended. I think it needs some interfacing to give the layers of silk some more support. Also thought it could be lower cut. Tried on the dress with the knitting over it. Pretty! But the bottom of the knitted skirt is still kind of a mess. Tried some intensive steam blocking, but I just can't get that lower portion (what was knitted on the Size 13 needles) to perk up.

Wednesday - ripped apart the bodice, added interfacing to the lining. Resewed the lining to the bodice top. This took many tries and many careful seam rippings. Finally got a nice, symmetrical curve, lower cut but not too low cut. Also took some tweaking to get the straps positioned just right.

Plan for tonight - actually sew the skirt to the top; press the top and finish trimming those seams. Set in the zipper. I'm a little nervous about this as I've never done an invisible zipper before. On the other hand, I'm usually pretty good with zippers, so fingers crossed. I must remember to BASTE it first. I'm just going to keep repeating "baste" to myself at random intervals today.

Still thinking about what to do with the knitted skirt bottom. I can't leave it all on there and I can't take it off either - the dress will be too short. Do I take off some? Do I take it all off and knit some additional lace at the top to make it longer? The whole skirt will have a narrower silhouette then, but it's crazy wide already, so I'm not concerned about that. What to do, what to do...

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