Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Back on the needles

That's where the dress is. Back on the needles. After all that math, I realized that I really wanted the train to be more of an oval than a circle and that I really couldn't be bothered to calculate the various aspects of ovals. So now I'm just trying to figure out exactly where to turn the short rows. I'm torn b/c starting working them across the middle 5 repeats seems a little too broad (there are 9 repeats in the train) and starting across the middle 3 seems too narrow.

It literally just occurred to me that I could turn midway through a repeat. Would be vaguely more complicated, but it is totally doable. So I guess I'll go do some more math after all.

Mom and Jenny have evaluated the border section and we've all decided that either some crocheting or a ribbon border will be needed to help keep those cast on stitches from catching on things. They're just so darn big. This will be pretty I think.

Mom and I did further experiments with the dress this weekend, holding various parts of it and various swatches up to different parts of my body. Really, we should have taken photos. I was wearing a kelly green baby doll top and it looked quite pretty showing through the ivory lace. So if dyeing goes poorly, there is a viable alternative.

I also addressed Mom's fears regarding drooping of the lace - my plan currently is to knit up through the Size 10 portion, which'll be about 2/3 of the skirt and then let it hang while I sew the fabric portion of the dress. Or at least the skirt part of the fabric portion.

Finally the skirt will be removable, so if it is catching on things horribly at the reception, I can just take it off. But I hope, with some good bustling, that this won't be an issue.

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