Thursday, June 25, 2009

Eh crap.

Remember how I'd been afraid I had too few stitches? Well, went back to the dress two nights ago, did a quick stitch count and although one side was fine, the other side had somehow grown by 8 stitches.

EIGHT. That is not a small number. That's not, oh crap, where did this stitch come from, oh well I'll just do a k3tog instead of a k2tog. That's OH CRAP, this side has grown by the length of half of the lace pattern. I found the problem and it started about four-five rows back. Which was probably about the time that I decided I was SOOO close to the end of the lace pattern that I should push through and finish the last few rows before I stopped for the night.

So yeah, that was a mistake. Apparently I should not push myself towards arbitrary goals. That way errors lie.

Anyway, the only thing to do was to drop each stitch down individually to the error point and then pick it up again. (This is me trying to show how many rows I had to drop. It was kind of hard to photograph- I really needed one hand to hold each needle and a third hand for the camera.)
Dropping the stitches led to long, long trailing bits of yarn.

And in the end, to this. Which, amazingly, I was able to rewrap onto the cone without it knotting or doing anything else horrible.

There were a couple of bad moments during the frogging process - one of the worst at the very end where I accidentally dropped down too far and had the last 10 stitches down two rows further than everything else. Fortunately I was able to take that loop of yarn and knit the two rows back again. I'm not really sure how I pulled that off, but it worked, so I'm not thinking too hard about. In the middle of it all I'd dropped one extra row down, so the free end of the yarn was in the middle of my work, instead of at the end of the row where it should be, but that wasn't that big a deal, I just had to slip a lot of stitches til I got to that point and then continue knitting.

While all of this was going on, I watched what was seriously the most horrible book to movie adaptation I've ever seen - The Other Boleyn Girl. Not the recent Hollywood movie with Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman (don't get me wrong, that was pretty bad too). No, this was a BBC version done years earlier. I had watched about 15 minutes and was going to turn it off, but then I found the mistake and couldn't be bothered to do anything as complicated as picking up the remote and hitting "stop".

In the end, I managed to fix the mistake and then reknit everything I'd had to unknit. The next night I did one more rep of the lace chart.

Which brings us here:

I'm experimenting with using Justin's Rock Band drums as a new photo platform. Obviously the dress has outgrown the speak top and there's only one corner of the apartment that gets natural light in the morning. Soon I'm going to have to start draping it over the fish tank.

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