Monday, June 8, 2009

Border Done!

Finished on Friday night.

Whew! I was surprised at how bittersweet it was. I mean, I was really, really glad to have it done and move on to something a little more complicated, but I also had the thought - this is done. I am only making 1 wedding dress and this is the only border it will have (I've decided to call the Size 13 section the border. Sounds much nicer than Size 13 section & easier for non-knitters to understand). This dress is a finite project and part of it is done.

Of course, if something goes horribly wrong down the line and I end up having to start over, I'm going to look back at this entry and laugh my ass off. With a large alcoholic drink in my hand. Ditto when it's two weeks before the wedding and I've feverishly sewing - I will look back at this and laugh and laugh and laugh. (Don't worry Mom, the dress will be done long before 2 weeks out.)

I started to put in the lifeline, but decided to wait and do one row on the Size 10 needles first (mental note - think of catchy name for Size 10 section). The lace pattern ends on a right side row and the stitches on the wrong side row are a real pain in the butt. B/c the yarn is so fine and the needles are so big, the yarn overs tend to travel and slip around on the needles - they basically move ahead of the stitches next to them and it can get confusing. I started the lifeline and then was really concerned that I was going to screw up the stitch order and make a big mess in the process. So - 1 row of Size 10, then life line.

I also started another knitting project - a very basic top down raglan shaped shell with cap sleeves.
The last two weeks have been stressful - Justin & I are both working really hard on a new show that opens on Thursday night and spending long hours out of the apartment. Frequently I have been coming back brain dead, but too keyed up to sleep and really wanted to do some nice soothing knitting. Each time I reached for the dress I forced myself to pull my hand back - knowing that in my brain dead state I was likely to make a horrible mistake, or make a very tiny mistake which would seem horrible or make a mistake and not even notice it until two months from now, when I'd see a glaring error in a totally unfixable location. I think this was very wise on my part.

But I was still left without soothing knitting and I realized that I really, really need soothing knitting in my life. I'm not a knitter who usually has 10 projects on the needles. I tend to work on one thing til it's done, occasionally two. So this is a little unusual for me. But I cast on for this little top last night - using leftovers from the Printed Silk Cardigan I made for Mom last summer. Due to a shockingly poor yardage calculation on my part I had a LOT of KnitPicks Shine Sport (my fave yarn) in turquoise. I also have some purple and pink from the baby hats of death. So that'll be a new top. I was going to use the yarn to teach myself crocheting, but I felt that learning did not really fall under the soothing, mindless vibe I was going for. I knitted on the subway this morning, standing up, during rush hour. Mindless. Soothing. Good.

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