Monday, June 1, 2009

Sooo close!

To finishing the size 13 section of the dress. In Justin's words "It actually looks like something now, not just like a ball of string." I have a delusional hope that I'll finish the last 6-8 rows of the pattern tonight, but our new show is opening soon and I'm crazy busy wearing my off off Broadway producer hat, so there's not much time over the next couple of weeks. If not tonight, hopefully on Thursday.

Here's a pic of the dress, nestled in its home - a Junior's bag.

Justin was right - it's actually starting to look like something. That's why I took the bag pic - I like looking in and actually seeing it fill the bag. As opposed to early on, when I accidentally grabbed that mess of yarn that is my monument to pride (ie. my first two attempts to cast on) and had a tiny heart attack because I thought I'd pulled the dress of the needles. I can't make that mistake anymore. Thank god.

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