Thursday, June 18, 2009

Didn't happen.

Some work stuff bled over into the evening (good work stuff, fortunately!), had to do laundry and go to the grocery store. By the time it was all done it was close to 10pm and I was too tired to pick up the needles. That's when mistakes happen. So, I exercised some surprising self control.

Of course now I had dress withdrawal, b/c I didn't work on it last night and won't be able to tonight or tomorrow b/c of the show. Maybe there'll be some time on Saturday afternoon, but my future mother in law will be in town and we're probably going out to lunch. Good relations with the future in laws must take precedence over the dress.

It's just so pretty. I miss it. The slight disappointment I felt after finishing the border is gone. I want to work on this thing all the time. ALL THE TIME.

Have been receiving some good advice from Calista on Ravelry regarding places to scout out fabrics in NYC. If it ever stops raining I'm going to start looking!

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  1. Good job fixing the mistake before the lifeline. I can only imagine how frustrating. It's great to see your progress.